Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.

C.’s Automotive & Manufacturing Industry Group focuses on advising multinational companies (domestic and foreign) in regards to their business operations.
We have more than three decades counseling our clients, assuring they consolidate their business objectives via successful legal strategies and day-to-day advice.

Our expert team of lawyers advise our clients regarding their investment and expansion in Mexico and Latin America.

Our team of lawyers is known for offering effective solutions that are both strategic and preventive and that assure successful fruition of our automotive and manufacturing clients´ business ventures. We assist our clients in the various activities of their business cycle (from establishing their operation to their day-to-day management as well as their closing).

We provide full-service legal solutions in the automotive and manufacturing arena. Our clients include diverse automotive and manufacturing companies. We offer legal counseling to OEM´s, tier 1, 2 and 3 manufacturers and multiple service providers.

Our firm offers multidisciplinary solutions in the Automotive & Manufacturing Industry related to different stages including the pre-operative, start-up and day to day operations pertaining to administrative and regulatory matters as well as legal advice in dispute resolution, anticorruption, competition and antitrust, corporate, energy, environmental, intellectual property, international trade, labor, real estate and tax.

Our team advises companies from different countries including Mexico, the US, Canada, Germany and Japan among others.