Pro bono is known as the providing of free legal services, however, it goes beyond not charging. It is being sensitive to the problems that surround us and taking a pro-active role in improving society.

Von Wobeser y Sierra is proud to be a pro bono leader. Since its founding, our firm sowed and developed a culture focused on the importance of pro bono work and we have acted accordingly.

Our firm signed an agreement for the promotion of pro bono work with the Fundación Barra Mexicana, A.C., with the objective of filing a quarterly report stating the number of pro bono hours worked during that period, as well as a detailed description of the work done and the clients to whom it was provided. We have been fulfilling this obligation since January 1, 2007.

In addition, our firm participated on the committee that prepared the preliminary draft of the “Declaration of Pro Bono Work for the American Continent”, the purpose of which is precisely the promotion and development of this important work throughout Latin America.

Since 2012, Von Wobeser y Sierra has received the recognition, “Leading Lights”, from the Vance Center and Latin Lawyer, as one of the most committed law firms in Latin America in pro bono work, which gives us great satisfaction and energizes us to redouble our efforts.