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ESG in the Mexican Mining Industry. Part Four
May, 2023


As we mentioned in part three of the document "ESG in the Mexican Mining Industry", climate change and energy efficiency issues, now more than ever, play a very relevant role in the industry. This is because in the mining sector, most of the greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions are directly related to energy consumption. GHG emissions are mainly produced by the burning of fossil fuels to supply electricity to the mines, as well as to power equipment and vehicles for the extraction and processing of minerals and metals. This intensive energy consumption is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

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Latin Lawyer’s M&A Guide: Indemnity Escrows and Other Payment Guarantees
January, 2023

We are delighted to share the 15th chapter of the Latin Lawyer's Guide for Mergers & Acquisitions, "Indemnity Escrows and Other Payment Guarantees", authored by our partners Luis Burgueño and Alberto Córdoba, and our associate Elías Jalife.

Global Arbitration Review: Construction Arbitration Know-How Mexico Chapter
October, 2022

We are proud to share the chapter that our partner Montserrat Manzano and our associate Rodrigo Macin co-wrote, along with Pedro José Izquierdo and Sophie Kivett from Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, for the Mexico Chapter in Global Arbitration Review’s Construction Arbitration Know-How.

ESG in the Mexican Mining Industry Part Three
August, 2022


In the second part of the document “ESG in the Mexican Mining Industry”, we addressed the first three indicators related to the best environmental practices for the mining industry in 2022, as provided in the Responsible Mining Index (RMI) and developed by the Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF). Specifically, we addressed the best environmental practices for the mining industry in terms of (i) environmental management, (ii) tailings management, and (iii) water management. In this third part, we will address the remaining four categories identified in the RMI.

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ESG in the Mexican Mining Industry. Part Two
April, 2022


The demands of modern life require the mining industry. The materials extracted from the ground and subsoil are necessary for the building of roads, electronics, and vehicles, as well as for the generation of electricity. Without a doubt, the economic development of a society is linked to the development of this extractive industry.

Does your business contribute to changing the world? Consider an ESG perspective.
February, 2022

The beginning of the year is full of resolutions and good wishes. For those of us who intend to fulfill them, resolutions must be translated into concrete goals and objectives, both for individuals and companies.

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Crisis Mode: Have Your ESG Team on Speed Dial
January, 2022

Dear clients and friends,

We are pleased to share our contribution to Latin Lawyer’s Guide to Corporate Crisis Management (4th ed.), titled "Crisis Mode: Have Your ESG Team on Speed Dial", co-authored by Pablo Jiménez and Luis Burgueño, co-heads of our Corporate and M&A practice and members of our ESG group.

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Fort Dearborn, Multi-Color Corporation merge to form world’s largest label supplier
January, 2022

Fort Dearborn Company and Multi-Color Corporation have merged, creating the world’s largest prime label supplier by revenues.

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