For thirty-four years, Von Wobeser y Sierra has worked with German international companies, many of them leaders in their industries. The firm offers multidisciplinary advice backed by a team of German-speaking lawyers who are familiar with German business culture.

The German Desk of Von Wobeser y Sierra includes German and Austrian attorneys with legal educations in their home countries and Mexican lawyers with broad experience. Together they form a partnership that understands German values and mentality and knows the language. This allows them to provide legal advice that is directed to the needs of the clients and assists them in planning and implementing their commercial activities in Mexico.

The members of the German Desk of the firm are specialists in the main practices and industries of the Mexican business environment and have proven knowledge of the fundamental economic factors and dynamics. Thus, they can offer quality services that align with the opportunities and challenges of the country.

For more than three decades the German Desk of Von Wobeser y Sierra has accompanied numerous German companies in the development of their business and commercial activities through specialized counseling that has served to successfully conclude multiple international transactions. In order to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks associated with the regulatory environment of the market, we encourage the ongoing and up-to-date education of our lawyers and we actively monitor the changes to the legal framework.

Since its creation, the German Desk has been a specialized communication channel and, as such, has facilitated and optimized the legal advice we provide to an essential segment of our clients. The common language and roots and the collaboration we maintain with the other members of the firm – in addition to the experience and skills of the Desk itself – allow us to guarantee top-quality multidisciplinary counsel.