The Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry group brings together multidisciplinary experience and knowledge around the needs of the firm’s clients.

Supported by solid careers, the lawyers of the group study the industry from the inside, stay up to date on its innovations and constantly refine the legal instruments to be able to effectively address the requirements of the sector.

The advice the firm provides to leading companies in the industry includes the most relevant areas of specialization. We have assisted our clients in all kinds of corporate and commercial matters, including mergers & acquisitions, commercial distribution agreements, brand portfolio purchases, financing of biotechnological projects and joint ventures for the joint development of medical products. We handle projects from the review and the determination of business strategies to obtaining permits and authorizations from the Federal Commission for Protection from Health Risks.

Von Wobeser y Sierra also has vast experience in the establishment of Mexican companies for manufacturing or assembling products for their export abroad under the IMMEX program, and in the reconstruction of the inventory control systems, or annexes 24 and 31, in order to avoid exorbitant tax liabilities or potential closure, dissolution and liquidation of the company. Our lawyers have participated in innumerable asset transfer transactions between manufacturing and maquiladora companies and their parent companies abroad, including the winding down of the operation and the legal termination of the companies in Mexico.

The Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry group of the firm has advised some of the most important participants in the industry in matters related to sales to the Government of medical products and equipment: including the analysis and negotiation of prebases, compliance with requirements and preparation of technical and economic proposals and administrative and judicial procedures for challenging illegal resolutions. Our lawyers also provide comprehensive assistance in imports and exports, including the correct tariff classification of the products and the authorizations applicable to the operations.

We also have a group of lawyers and engineers highly specialized in the protection of drug trademarks, industrial designs of medical devices, novelty analysis of patents and drug counterfeiting, among other issues. Our engineers are also experts in the preparation of Mexican and international patents and their listing in the Approved Drug Products or Orange Book. Therefore, with respect to the protection of personal data and privacy, the industry group practice ensures compliance with Mexican and international regulations, including the European Directive (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), the evaluation of risks, the design of policies for obtaining and retaining information, including patient files, and obtaining and use of big data for the development of products.

Because of the risk implied in the interaction with governmental authorities, our practice has developed the implementation of strict anti-corruption policies to guarantee regulatory compliance in competition & antitrust, money laundering and marketing matters.

Finally, Von Wobeser y Sierra frequently represents its clients in strategic civil, constitutional (amparo) and administrative litigation addressing some of the most complex and novel issues of the industry.