The Financial Services industry group practice of Von Wobeser y Sierra specializes in advising multinational financial companies and institutions (headquartered in both Mexico and abroad).

For this purpose, it combines the knowledge and experience of its lawyers from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Over the last few decades, the financial services industry and its environment have experienced profound changes. The notable practice group of the firm works steadfastly so the firm’s clients can adapt to the dynamic conditions of the current markets and the global economic uncertainty and, at the same time, take advantage of the opportunity the circumstances offer.

We design innovative business strategies that start with the daily operations of the companies and take into account the corporate, financial and regulatory aspects. When doing this, we think in terms of preventing lawsuits and increasing the possibilities of success if litigation becomes unavoidable.

The lawyers of the industry group practice together have decades of experience and possess full, up-to-date knowledge of the industry. Our clients, therefore, can be certain that they will receive the soundest legal support in structuring transactions and achieving their financial goals. This unique business perspective has ensured us a comparative advantage and the loyalty and trust of the companies we advise.

In particular, we provide comprehensive assistance in the delineation and negotiation of complex commercial contracts, joint ventures and strategic alliances, joint acquisitions, design of corporate structures, tax planning, license and distribution agreements, regulatory compliance, and regulatory viability of innovative Fintech strategies, among other matters.

Therefore, the companies find in our firm a reliable ally with which to leverage the international and business strategies that their investment in Mexico requires.