For more than thirty years, Von Wobeser y Sierra has advised international and domestic companies, developers, individuals and population centers in legal matters related to the sale, acquisition, investment, development and operation of real estate projects in the industrial, commercial, residential, tourist and service sectors, and in administrative and civil litigation resulting from those activities.

Von Wobeser y Sierra’s practice is multidisciplinary and we have the capacity to quickly create groups of specialists in the different areas of law relevant to each matter. Our services are comprehensive, covering all phases of the projects and all kinds of property in Mexico. The Real Estate Law practice of the firm is characterized for its creativity and for offering legal security to its clients in their activities and transactions. Guillermo I. Ortiz Mayagoitia, former President of the Supreme Court of the Justice of the Nation, is among the specialists of the team, acting as external adviser. His experience contributes to Von Wobeser y Sierra’s primary goal: to be a strategic partner for its clients and offer excellent services.

Von Wobeser y Sierra offers legal advice in the following areas in its Real Estate practice:

Acquisition and sale of all forms of real estate in Mexico.

Lease, usufruct, rights-of-way and real and personal rights in general related to real estate.

Sophisticated transactions that involve public, private and social property, and the transformation from one type of property to another.

Negotiation and execution of agreements with population centers (ejidos, communities and colonias).

Obtaining and defending rights related to the use of water resources.

Creation of legal vehicles for projects and real estate transactions, and the related tax advice.

Negotiation of incentives contracts with governments at the federal, state and municipal level.

Obtaining permits, authorizations, concessions, use of the land and, in general, rights related to real estate and the buildings thereon.

Advice in the preparation of urban development plans and the creation of protected natural areas.

Creation of legal vehicles for the use and enjoyment of real estate related to digital platforms.

Environmental, civil and commercial litigation in relation to real estate.