Real Estate

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.

C.'s Real Estate Practice involves many areas of law including civil, administrative, environmental, tax, and commercial law.
Our firm has experts in each of these areas providing a full and complete service in the three principal types of property in Mexico: Private, Public and Social Property. Our firm advises clients in all steps of real estate projects and has ample experience dealing with all levels of government. With the overview of the Ex-president of the Supreme Court of Mexico (Of counsel Guillermo I. Ortiz Mayagoitia) our firm has developed creative strategies to provide legal certainty to its clients in complex transactions and developments. Our firm has advised major transnational companies, state governments, and local and international real estate developers in the following areas:

• Conversion of Public and Social Property (Ejidos) into private
• Sale and acquisition of real estate assets located in Mexico.
• Legal structure, administration and operation of real estate
• Obtaining federal, state and municipal permits and licenses
with a strong focus on urban development and environmental
• Creating all different regimes of private property.
• Solving complex matters before the Public Registries.
• Leases and all types of legal structures related to real estate
• Agreements with state and municipal governments in
connection to investments in real estate projects by private