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Claus Von Wobeser - Techniques to control the time and costs in arbitration
October, 2007
Statistics provided by the International Court of Arbitration of the CCI, based in CCI cases in which a final award was issued in 2003 and 2004 indicate that, in CCI arbitration proceedings.
Citation:  Claus von Wobeser (Revisor Final), Cecilia Flores Rueda y Carlos J. McCadden M. (Traductores):  Técnicas para controlar el tiempo y los costos en el arbitraje. Un reporte de la Comisión de Arbitraje de la CCI.  Publicado en Pauta No. 54 (Octubre 2007) pp. 67-83.
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Pablo Jimenez, Manuel Galicia, Humberto Perez-Rocha - Sheppard Mullin - Legal Aspects of Private Equity in Mexico, 2007
March, 2007

In this article our partner Pablo Jiménez offers an overview of certain legal aspects related to the organization and operation of private equity firms and private equity investment funds in Mexico.  

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Alberto Muerza - On the Constitutional and Legal Problems of Amparo Judgments Performance
November, 2006
The purpose of this article is to point out some of the constitutional and legal problems that hinder the enforcement of sentences for defense, an issue which I have devoted some time. Here we present some reflections and conclusions have been reached .
Luis Burgueño - E-Commerce and the Law of Digital Signatures
June, 2005
This chapter presents Mexico’s legal regime on electronic contracting and signatures, as has been established pursuant to the 2000 E-Commerce Decree and the 2003 E-Signatures Decree, and the manner in which the provisions of the UNCITRAL E-Commerce and E-Signatures Model Laws have been implemented. Also, bearing in mind the current works of the UNCITRAL Working Group IV (Electronic Commerce) on a Draft Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts (the “Draft Convention”), this Chapter also refers to some of the most significant differences between Mexican Law on e-contracts and e-signatures and the Draft Convention.
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Pablo Jiménez – Stanford Law School - Reshaping Fiduciary Duties in Mexico: A Step Towards Functionality, 2005
May, 2005

Fiduciary duties are a legal response to unfair self-dealing and mismanagement by those in control of a company. In this paper, our partner Pablo Jiménez offers a qualitative analysis of the potential functionality of the rules governing these new fiduciary duties.

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Pablo Jiménez - Editorial Porrúa - Takeover Bids, 2004
January, 2004

Nowadays, the stock market must be one of the key elements for the development of a country's economy. In this book, our partner Pablo Jiménez analyzes one of the most sophisticated transactions of contemporary Stock Exchange Law: the Takeover Bid.