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Edmond Grieger - Corporate Livewire, Virtual Round Table: Energy & Natural Resources 2014
January, 2014

In this roundtable we spoke with 10 experts from around the world about the latest changes and developments in the Energy & Natural Resources sector.

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Claus von Wobeser - The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2014; Decision on Anti-Enforcement Injunctions and Access to Justice
October, 2013

Pursuant to the legal provisions on commercial arbitration regulated in the Commerce Code and the Arbitration Rules of the ICC, arbitral awards are binding to the parties and must be complied without delay.

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Fernando Carreño , José Palomar - Global Competition Review, The Antitrust Review of the Americas, Mexico 2014
September, 2013

In Mexico, the antitrust practice has been, since its creation, one of our most sophisticated and complex topics in Mexican Law. This has caused a number of changes in both institutions and legislation, most of them related to increasing powers from antitrust authorities and sanctions for those that breach antitrust law in Mexico, making it an extreme agile practice in Mexico.

Edmond Grieger - Corporate Livewire; Renewable Energy Generation Trends in Mexico
July, 2013

In Mexico, as of 1 December, 2012, we have had a newly elected administration which is spearheaded by the president Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), who has shown his determination to further develop the renewable energy market in the country, position which we could confirm as well from Mexico’s National Energy Strategy (2013-2027) recently issued by the Federal Ministry of Energy (SENER).

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Diego Sierra - Practical Law: Mexican court allows enforcement of arbitral tribunal´s provisional measure ex parte
July, 2013

In a decision dated 13 July 2012, but not published until February 2013, the Second Collegiate Tribunal in Civil Matters of the Third Circuit ruled that it can enforce a provisional measure ordered by an arbitral tribunal without giving the affected party an opportunity to be heard.

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Diego Sierra - Better Practices, Praxis: Anti-corruption practice
June, 2013
Be aware of the Mexican regulation to fight corruption in business.

Corruption acts lead to administrative and criminal sanctions, they affect the reputation of any company and they impact the business in a negative way.  Therefore, Mexican and foreign companies with branches in Mexico, no matter their line of business, must know the anti-corruption legal framework.  This will help them design, apply and enforce internal, severe and inflexible anti-corruption policies

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Ivan J. Romo - ABI Young & New Members Committee Newsletter, May 2013; Insolvency as a Prerequisite for Filing a Bankruptcy Procedure in Mexico
May, 2013

In 2000, Mexico published its new Mexican Bankruptcy Law (MBL) , which substitutes the one that governed bankruptcy issues since 1943. This new law was drafted based on the model law issued by the United Nations Comission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and Mexico was the first country that adapted its law to such model.

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