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Claus von Wobeser - Latin American Arbitration & Investment, Latin American Investment Protections.
November, 2012
Latin American Investment Protections: Comparative Perspectives.
Claus von Wobeser, Fernando Carreño, Andrés Nieto, José Palomar - The Law Review, International Investigations Review 2nd Editio, Mexico Chapter
August, 2012

Corporate Conduct and activities are supervised by various governmental bodies (mainly of an administrative nature) and this supervision varies depending on the business activity of the corporation in question.

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Fernando Carreño , José Palomar - The Antitrust Review of the Americas, Mexico:Antitrust Overview
July, 2012

In Mexico, antitrust regulation and investigations as a whole have recently been growing, both in number and in importance.

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Edmond Grieger - Corporate Livewire, "Current Trends & Expected Development" in Mexican Renewable Energy Market
June, 2012

Business opportunities continue to rise in our country´s renewable energy market, primarily from wind and solar projects.

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