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Silverio Sandate - Silverio Sandate – Law Business Review: The Franchise Law Review
March, 2017

Chapter 37: Reference Guide Mexico: The Franchise Law Review 2017: The Mexican franchise market is still considered to be a fresh and growing market, and one that continues to offer good opportunities for people wanting to start a business, people seeking to develop a business or expand a brand, or people already involved with business.

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Getting the Deal Through – Adrián Magallanes, Rodrigo Barradas – Arbitration 2017
March, 2017

Arbitration 2017: Getting the Deal Through provides international expert analysis in key areas of law practice and regulation for corporate counsel, cross – border legal practitioners, and company director and officers.

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Luis Burgueño, Andrés Nieto - Luis Burgueño, Andrés Nieto - Getting The Deal Through, Market Intelligence, Private Equity in Mexico.
December, 2016

Our partners Luis Burgueño & Andrés Nieto give insight regarding private equity in Mexico.

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Adrián Magallanes, Diego Sierra – ICLG - The International Comparative Legal Guide: International Arbitration 2016.
August, 2016

Chapter 40: Reference Guide Mexico: International Arbitration 2016: A practical cross-border insight into international arbitration work.

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Edmond Grieger- Grupo Reforma; The energy issue – New Rules – Investing in the Mexican Renewables market.
May, 2016

Edmond Grieger, our Partner at Von Wobeser & Sierra offers his opinion on some important subjects related to investing in the Mexico´s energy sector.

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Daniel Huth - Daniel Huth, *Special Input from Edmond Grieger - OGEL - Oil, Gas & Energy Law - March 2016.
April, 2016

A group of energy experts has contributed to this special feature on Mexico´s Oil and Gas Sector Reform.

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Edmond Grieger with the colaboration of Daniel Huth (Foreign Associate) - Financier Worldwide, Energy & Utilities 2016, February 2016.
February, 2016

Edmond Grieger, our Head Partner of our Energy & Natural Resources and Environment Practices at Von Wobeser & Sierra comments on the Annual Review 2016.

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Andrés Nieto - PLC Leading and taking security in Mexico.
December, 2015

PLC:Reference Guide Mexico: Securities & Capital Markets.

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Rodolfo Trampe y Jorge Díaz - Getting the Deal Through-Outsourcing 2016.
October, 2015

A concise reference regarding Outsourcing for 2016.

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