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Latin Lawyer Insights, The Guide to Corporate Compliance, How to Conduct Internal Investigations of Alleged Wrongdoing
June, 2020

Our Partners, Adrián Magallanes and Diego Sierra contributed to Chapter 8, The Guide to Corporate Compliance: How to Conduct Internal Investigations of Alleged Wrongdoing in which they give their insights in regards to this topic and how it works in Mexico.

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Legal Consequences For The Mexican Energy Sector Due To COVID-19
May, 2020

Our Head Partner of our Energy Practice, Edmond Grieger contributed to the American Bar Association's Special Edition, Legal Impact of COVID-19 in Mexico with an important article: Legal Consequences For The Mexican Energy Sector Due To COVID-19.

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GAR Investment Treaty Arbitration - Mexico
February, 2020

Our Partners, Claus von Wobeser & Montserrat Manzano, give their insight on Investment Treaty Arbitration in GAR Investment Treaty Arbitration - Mexico.

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The Practitioner's Guide to Global Investigations
February, 2020

Our Partner, Diego Sierra gives his insight in regards to Mexico and anticorruption efforts in Global Investigations Review: The Practitioner's Guide to Global Investigations 2020.

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Pablo Jiménez, Gregorio Lascano – Latin Lawyer -Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: The Role of Culture, Perception and Common Sense in Crisis Management, 2019
November, 2019

Our partner Pablo Jiménez reflects on the opportunity that opens up in the midst of crises and the influence of organizational culture, perception and common sense in these situations when they impact companies.

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Diego Sierra- Global Restructuring Review- The Restructuring Review of the Americas 2019: Mexico Chapter
December, 2018

Our Partner Diego Sierra describes the current scenario and latest trends of bankruptcy and restructuring in Mexico. 

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Luis Burgueño - Getting the Deal Through- Private Equity: Market Intelligence- Mexico Chapter 2018
November, 2018

Our Partners Luis Burgueño & Andrés Nieto offer a panoramic view of the way investments have been carried out in Mexico recently, the legal framework, its source of procedence, and the day to day work surrounding the Private Equity practice in our country.

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Adrián Magallanes, Diego Sierra- Latin Lawyer: Litigation 2019, Mexico Reference
October, 2018

Our Partners Adrián Magallanes and Diego Sierra outline the current scenario regarding Litigation in Mexico.

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Fernando Carreño- Vlex Legal Jurídico y Fiscal: Compliance- Economic Competition in the Compliance Programme
August, 2018

Our Partner Fernando Carreño explains the relevance for companies to know and take specific measures in order to comply with the regulations in economic competition.

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Diego Sierra & Pablo Fautsch- Getting the Deal Through- Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy 2018: Mexico Chapter
July, 2018

Our Partner Diego Sierra and our Associate Pablo Fautsch outline the current normative scenario in Mexico regarding legal privilege and professional secrecy.

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