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    C. is distinguished for excellence in its service and deep commitment to its clients, our firm continues to position itself as one of the most outstanding firms in the Banking & Finance Practice in Mexico.
    Our practice is focused on providing advice to our clients on regulatory matters, as well as on issues related to financial operations, credit and debt restructurings, project finance, and others. In addition, our clients include a broad spectrum of participants in the financial system, including domestic and foreign financial institutions, private equity funds, pension funds, insurance companies, factoring companies, payment processing companies, authorities, as well as non-financial companies or participants wishing to enter the financial system.

    The members of our firm are experts in the complex and changing banking & financial regulations, which gives them the perspective to provide our clients with practical, creative and efficient solutions.
    Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. advises financial institutions and other companies in planning, organizing, incorporating and operating financial, banking, and non-banking institutions in Mexico. We have also participated in legal audits of the most important financial institutions in the country, as well as in the definition of procedures to ensure proper compliance with the baking and financial regulations.

    Our firm frequently advises debtors, lenders and guarantors, both domestic and foreign, on a wide range of sophisticated credit and financing transactions, including:

    • Unsecured loans
    • Secured loans
    • Syndicated loans
    • Fixed asset loans and working capital loans
    • Corporate financing
    • Structured financing
    • Project financing

    Our practice also includes the planning and negotiation of credit or debt restructurings. We collaborate with debtors or lenders in the negotiation, documentation and execution of agreements and solutions that ensure the payment of the loans by debtors while maintaining their financial stability.

    Additionally, by being one of the very few full-service firms in Mexico, we are able to form tailor-made teams of specialists who can provide comprehensive advice that efficiently and effectively meets the specific needs of our clients.