Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.

C. is conscious of the increasing importance of environmental protection, thus, the firm has a staff of specialized lawyers and engineers in this field, who keep up with the latest developments throughout the world and particularly in Mexico.

We provide counseling with respect to environmental impact authorizations and audits, environmental liability, hazardous waste, air pollutant emissions, water supply, waste water treatment and discharges, federal maritime zones, environmental site assessments, among other areas, in connection with or originating from the day-to-day basic activities of our clients, acquisitions, touristic developments, real estate operations and administrative procedures initiated by the environmental authorities.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the experience and specialization of our lawyers in litigation and administrative proceedings, we provide legal counsel to challenge all types of infringement claims and sanctions imposed in regards to this area, including, of course, administrative claims and the amparo proceeding against both unconstitutional laws and specific acts of a governmental authority.