In Von Wobeser y Sierra we know that protecting the environment is vital for reaching the global goals of sustainability and mitigation of the effects of climate change.

We also know that companies face the challenge of producing and growing without ignoring their sustainability goals, the importance of caring for the environment and the requirements of the regulatory framework. That is why we have an outstanding team of experts who, in close collaboration with other areas of the firm, offer legal and technical solutions in a broad variety of matters associated with this area. Holders of master’s degrees and doctorates from the most prestigious universities in the world, and with years of accumulated experience, the lawyers of our Environmental practice provide the specialized assistance and security that the firm’s clients need.

The firm offers advice in environmental impact matters and conducts exhaustive audits for compliance with a wide range of environmental obligations. We do legal analyses of the environmental liability that can result from the regular activities of our clients, or from environmental accidents and emergencies. We help in complying with the obligations related to the handling, collection, transport and removal of hazardous, special and special handling waste, as well as those related to air emissions and noise.

We have assisted numerous companies in the implementation of the most complex legal strategies for the remediation of soils contaminated with hazardous waste and hydrocarbons, always in strict compliance with the international and national environmental regulations. Taking advantage of the experience and specialization of our lawyers in the area of litigation and administrative proceedings, we also accompany companies in challenging environmental sanctions, including those resulting from citizen complaints and administrative appeals. In order to serve the interests of our clients and protect the environment, we file amparo claims when appropriate against both unconstitutional laws and illegal acts of authority.

We establish sophisticated legal strategies to guide our clients in achieving their sustainability goals and policies in strict compliance with the national and international environmental regulations. We have vast experience in the use of national waters, the treatment and discharge of wastewater, and in all administrative procedures before the National Water Commission and the corresponding state and municipal authorities.

We give comprehensive advice for the development of infrastructure, tourism and real estate development projects in federal maritime and land zones, whether for the normal activity of the client or as a result of acquisitions.

The national and foreign companies that are initiating or expanding their operations in Mexico receive environmental, administrative and regulatory guidance for obtaining a wide range of authorizations: environmental, construction, civil protection and operations licenses; registrations for generation of hazardous waste; and permits for importing hazardous substances, use of the land and urban development, among others. We ensure full compliance with the applicable environmental and regulatory laws at all times.

The lead partner of the practice, Edmond Grieger, has obtained the recognition of Chambers and Partners Latin America. The team as a whole is in the rankings of The Legal 500, Latin Lawyer 250, and Latin Lawyer National, among other publications.