Global Practice Guide 2022: Investing in… 2022, Chambers and Partners

In this article published in the Investing in…2022 Global Practice Guide, our partners Luis Burgueño, Fernando Carreño, Montserrat Manzano and Patricia Kaim offer an extensive analysis about the following topics related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Mexico.

The authors provide an overview of Mexico’s legal system and regulatory framework, explaining how is constituted and the federal and state legislation applicable to Mexican and foreign entities.

They also explore the economic, political, and business climate in Mexico, summarizing the most important events that have impacted foreign investment since the 1990s and the present.

The topics covered are: mergers and acquisitions structures, corporate governance framework, disclosure and reporting obligations, capital markets, antitrust / competition, foreign investment / national security, and other review or approvals. They also examine tax, employment and labor, and intellectual property and data protection.

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