Labor dispute settlement mechanism introduced in the T-MEC/USMCA

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On 10 December 2019, the Protocol of Amendment to the T-MEC/USMCA was agreed upon and signed by representatives of Mexico, the United States and Canada. That Protocol, which includes amendments to the provisions on the environment, intellectual property rights, labor and rules of origin for the automotive industry (specifically concerning steel and aluminum), has since been made available to the public by the United States at the following link


and by México in the following link


This note seeks to shed light on the introduction of new international mechanisms designed to ensure the compliance of businesses with the labor laws in which they are situated. Those mechanisms are found in Annex 31-A, which provides a mechanism exercisable by and between the United States and Mexico, and Annex 31-B, which provides the same, exercisable by and between Canada and Mexico. No such mechanism was entered to enable for this between the U.S. and Canada.

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