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  • Von Wobeser y Sierra has extensive experience in the area of telecommunications, media and new technologies.

    Since its founding, and thanks to the liberalization of the sector in the nineties, our practice has handled with notable results matters of competition, telecommunications networks, radioelectric spectrum, satellite regulation and marketing of telecommunications services.

    We have also successfully participated in obtaining concessions, permits and authorizations of the telecommunications sector, often through public tenders, and we provide advice in the negotiation, review and preparation of interconnection contracts and agreements and sharing of infrastructure.

    Our services in the area of telecommunications, media and new technologies combine experience in litigation and competition and antitrust. Von Wobeser y Sierra has been recognized as a firm leader in international arbitrations between shareholders of telecommunications and media companies, as well as in arbitrations between investors and the State. We have actively participated in administrative lawsuits and appeals before regulatory authorities, tax litigation on governmental rights and antitrust lawsuits related to the industry.

    Our team of lawyers also provides counsel on the incorporation of companies dedicated to the sector, including compliance with the regulations applicable in Mexico and the approach of the regulatory authorities in order to achieve new concession schemes and influence the issuance of regulatory provisions that favor competition.

    Our clients include various providers of fixed and mobile phone and internet service; satellite, radio, network television and cable companies; MMDS and DTH television providers, and OTT (over the top) services providers, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to an optimum updating program, the members of the firm stay up to date on the biggest advances and the main discussions in telecommunications and new technologies, such as the display of the fifth generation (5G) network and the neutrality of the network in Mexico.

    Our firm has an extensive practice in the area of personal data and cybersecurity. It counsels its clients in the drafting of privacy notices and contracts that delimit and document the transmission of personal data both nationally and across borders. We have also designed preventive plans for the detection of conditions that can violate the personal data our clients process, and we offer solutions that allow them to protect such information in the best manner possible. Our practice also assists its clients in the preparation and presentation of responses to the personal data protection proceedings initiated by the National Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data Institute, with satisfactory results in these proceedings.

    In cybersecurity, we have taken part in handling data violation incidents. We help ensure our clients can effectively respond to the attacks and design strategies for recovery in case of an emergency of this kind.

    The lawyers of our firm are characterized by offering practical solutions for the always changing
    needs of our clients in a world where digital activity is growing exponentially and where information is one of the most important assets for the development of their businesses, guarantying at all times the compliance with the regulatory framework that applies to the Protection of Personal Data and Cybersecurity. .