The scope of certain activities not subject to suspension is specified

Today, a Resolution of the Ministry of Health was published in the Federal Official Gazette specifying the scope of certain essential activities not subject to suspension, contained in the Resolution of March 31, 2020 which establishes extraordinary actions to address the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 disease.

The activities that will not be suspended to avoid irreversible effects for its continuation are those consisting of the production of steel, cement and glass, as well as those of computer systems in the public, private and social sectors. However, steel, cement and glass producers must operate at the minimum capacity necessary to precisely avoid irreversible effects on their operation.

It is also clarified that courier services not subject to suspension include companies and electronic commerce platforms, as long as they comply with currently mandatory social distancing practices. As for the activities necessary for the conservation of critical infrastructure that ensures the production and distribution of electrical energy, it is specified that the coal mines and the distribution companies will maintain the minimum activity essential to satisfy the demand of the Federal Electricity Commission.

It is foreseeable that during the following days the Ministry of Health will issue new resolutions defining the scope of more of the so-called essential activities, which are not subject to suspension in terms of the agreement of March 31, 2020.

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