Coming into effect of the Amendment to the Regulations of the General Law for Tobacco Control

Dear clients and friends:

Recently, the Amendment to the Regu­lations of the General Law for Tobacco Control came into effect.

This amendment has a direct impact on the commercial operations of restau­rants and bars, since it requires es­tablishments that have designated smoking-only areas to ensure that such areas comply with the following spec­ifications:

  • Be totally separate from so-called 100 percent smoke-free spaces;

  • Be located only in open air spaces, and never in an enclosed one;

  • That no food and beverage con­sumption service is provided, and no recreational activities are carried out therein; and

  • That they do not exceed 10% of the area of an establishment, solely considering the area destined to the provision of the service.

Interested parties can file a consti­tutional claim (amparo proceeding) against this new regulation and request a stay in order to be able to continue operating normally.

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