Chambers: Litigation 2023 Mexico Guide

We are delighted to share the chapter that our partners Adrián Magallanes and Diego Sierra, together with our associate Rodrigo Barradas, contributed for the Chambers Litigation 2023 Guide.

In this chapter, the authors explore a wide spectrum of relevant aspects of litigation in Mexico, always pointing out the peculiar aspects of the Mexican system that must be taken into account, especially when comparing it with other jurisdictions.

Following a very dynamic and schematic format of questions and answers, the authors explain how the judicial system is organized, how the trials begin, the format for holding hearings, the rules on the production of documents and privileges, the damages that can be claimed and the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms available to parties, among many other topics.

The chapter includes some comments on unclear or controversial aspects and identifies some of the open questions about litigation in Mexico, drawing on the authors' extensive experience in the Mexican forum.

The Chambers Litigation 2023 Guide provides valuable information on how litigation works and what distinctive characteristics it has in each of the jurisdictions covered.

To read the full chapter, please click here.

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