Fort Dearborn, Multi-Color Corporation merge to form world’s largest label supplier
  • Lawyers Involved
  • Fort Dearborn Company and Multi-Color Corporation have merged, creating the world’s largest prime label supplier by revenues.

    With approximately $3 billion of annual revenue and an approximate valuation of $6 billion, the combined company serves many of the world’s most prominent brands across end categories including food and beverages, home and personal care, wine and spirits and other specialty end categories.

    The combined platform benefits from enhanced scale and diversification across label technologies, end categories, geographies, and customers.

    “We believe our expanded product offerings and global reach will be a strong foundation to better serve the dynamic and evolving needs of our global customer base while providing employees with rewarding career growth opportunities,” Kevin Kwilinski, who assumed the role of President and CEO of Multi-Color Corporation after serving in that position at Fort Dearborn, said.

    David Scheible, operating advisor to CD&R funds and former chairman and CEO of Graphic Packaging, assumed the chairmanship of the combined company.

    CD&R is a private investment firm that, since its inception, has managed the investment of more than $35 billion in over 100 companies with an aggregate transaction value of more than $160 billion. 

    CD&R was advised by Mexican law firm Von Wobeser y Sierra.

    The negotiation involved the release of certain securities granted by the Mexican subsidiaries of Multi-Color Corporation, as well as the negotiation and execution of new security interests to be granted for purposes of certain financing obtained for the acquisition, the law firm said in a statement.

    The law firm’s team advising CD&R on the multi-jurisdictional transaction comprised partners Alberto Córdoba and Luis Burgueño, with associate Eugenio Chinchillas.