Minimum wages 2022

Yesterday, the Council of Representatives of the National Minimum Wage Commission [Comisión Nacional de Salarios Mínimos] (CONASAMI) agreed on the increase of the minimum wages, which will go into effect on January 1, 2022.

The increase approved for both wages will be 22%, which will result in an increase in the General Minimum Wage of $141.70 pesos daily to $172.87 pesos and an increase in the Minimum Wage for the Northern Border Free Zone of $213.39 pesos daily to $260.34 pesos.

For the determination of the minimum wage, an addition through the Independent Recovery Amount [Monto Independiente de Recuperación] (IRM) of $16.90 pesos to the general minimum wage and $25.45 pesos to the minimum wage for the Northern Border Free Zone was used, as well as a percentage increase of 9%, respectively.

We will inform you when these increases are published in the Official Federal Gazette and of any other issue regarding this matter.

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