Approval in Chamber of Senators of the bill reforming subcontracting

We previously informed you of the approval of the reform bill to regulate subcontracting in the Chamber of Deputies. Following up on this, we are informing you that today it was approved in the Chamber of Senators. This means that the reform has been fully approved, and that it will enter into force with its publication in the Official Federal Gazette (DOF), probably May 1 or before.

The main points of the reform are:

1. Prohibition on subcontracting of personnel. Subcontracting is permitted for specialized services.

2. Registration of individuals and entities that provide specialized subcontracting services.

3. Limit in the payment of profit-sharing (a maximum of three months of salary or the average of the share received in the last three years).

4. Sanctions on anyone who violates the provisions of the reform (joint liability, non-deductibility and no crediting, and fines).

For more information regarding the content of the reform, we share our last publication (click here).

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have with respect to this relevant reform that undoubtedly will imply restructuring in the majority of companies and help you to prepare and implement the plans of action to comply with the reform.

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