The Chamber of Deputies takes up the approval of the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis again

Yesterday March 10, 2021 the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies concluded the discussion of the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis as part of the process of its legislative approval. Although the chamber approved many of the provisions previously discussed and approved in the Senate, it also included certain important changes that will have to return to the Senate for their discussion and possible approval.

The following changes are among those introduced by the Chamber of Deputies: (i) the change of focus of the law to regulate the production of cannabis instead of its various uses, (ii) a new permits and licenses system for the production and distribution of cannabis is created, including a “comprehensive” license that would cover from the cultivation to the sale to the final consumer, (iii) the production of cannabis for self-consumption would be subject to a permit and (iv) the National Commission Against Addictions would be granted regulatory powers with respect to psychoactive cannabis.

The version approved by the Chamber of Deputies still does not satisfy the expectations of the different political, economic and social sectors involved. However, it represents the ongoing effort of the Congress of the Union to finally pass a Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis by April 30, 2021 at the latest.

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