Modification of the standards for testing employees to detect COVID-19 in Mexico City

As part of the New Normality measures, it was determined that in Mexico City employers had to test their employees for the COVID-19 illness. However, on July 28, 2020, changes were published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City to the “Guidelines for the Execution of the Gradual Plan toward the New Normality in Mexico City”, which document provides new guidelines in relation to the application of those tests.

According to the changes, the COVID-19 detection tests that the employers must apply to their workers will be in the following terms:

• They must be given weekly;

• They are mandatory for workplaces with 100 or more employees;

• The tests must be applied to at least 3% of the entire staff currently working in the workplace; and

• The tests may be applied in groups or individually.

Since they are medical tests and imply the handling of personal data, it is important to have adequate guidance on labor and personal data protection matters.

The Mexico City Gazette can be consulted here

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