Extension of the suspension in the activities and deadlines of the Mexican Court of Administrative Justice

Today, June 17, 2020, the official communication SS/14/2020, issued by the Plenary of the Superior Chamber of the Mexican Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA) was published in the Official Federal Gazette (DOF), which extended the suspension of activities and terms, and therefore said Court will remain closed and the deadlines will be suspended until June 30, 2020.

The above ruling lifted the suspension of terms and deadlines, beginning on June 16 of this year, in relation to online trials processed before the Specialized Chamber of Intellectual Property Matters that meet the following requirements:

a) that the initial lawsuit was filed online before March 18, 2020;

b) that the defendant authority has not currently suspended its activities due to the health emergency; and

c) that there is no other cause that prevents its continuation.

Finally, it was resolved to increase the preparation of draft decisions and continue the opening of days and hours for their notification through the judicial bulletin or in person before the Court. Said notifications will take effect on the first business day on which the TFJA resumes its activities.

The other tasks of the Court, established in the previous rulings, will remain in force until its reopening. 

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