Extension of the suspension of the activities and terms of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property

On May 29, 2020, the official communication issued by Juan Alfredo Lozano Tovar, General Director of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) was published in the Official Federal Gazette (DOF), which extends the initial suspension of activities and terms due to the COVID-19 health contingency. In this regard, the IMPI will remain closed and the terms will be suspended until further notice.

In such official communication, it has been stated that the suspension of activities and deadlines will be guided by the determinations, announcements and measures established by the health authorities in Mexico, specifically as regards Mexico City, headquarters of the IMPI.

In this regard, the suspension has been extended indefinitely and will be lifted only once it is announced by the health authorities that the conditions necessary for the reopening of the Institute are optimal. Said reopening will be carried out gradually, in an orderly manner.

Therefore, we will promptly follow up on the announcements made by both the Institute and the health authorities in the coming weeks.

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