The manufacturing of transportation equipment, mining and construction are included as essential activities

Today a ruling of the Ministry of Health was published in the Official Federal Gazette that included the manufacturing of transportation equipment, mining and construction as essential activities, not subject to suspension. Therefore, those industries and activities can reinitiate their activities on June 1, provided they have implemented the health safety guidelines published by the competent authorities in their workplace.

Regarding the manufacturing of transportation equipment, no precise definition of the benefitted companies is included. However, the breadth of such concept allows us to conclude that it would cover the final producers of any type of cargo or passenger transportation vehicle, including light passenger vehicles, pick-ups and trucks, as well as all the companies belonging to the supply chain.

It is also established that, beginning on May 18, 2020, essential and non-essential activities may resume in all municipalities that are free of COVID-19 and are not close to others that have cases. The list of municipalities free of COVID-19 will be published later, on May 17, 2020 on the page

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