Update: Suspension of legal terms and deadlines for the Federal Ministry of Energy, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Mexican Energy Control Center

Today, the following rulings related with administrative authorities of the energy sector, were published in the Federal Official Gazette:

(i) Federal Ministry of Energy (“SENER”). “Ruling that modifies the former establishing the suspension of deadlines and legal terms in the Federal Ministry of Energy, as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic” (“ SENER Ruling”).

(ii) Energy Regulatory Commission (“CRE”). “Ruling number A/015/2020 that modifies the rulings A/010/2020 and A/014/2020, which declares the suspension of legal terms in proceedings carried out before the Energy Regulatory Commission as a measure to prevent and combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, in order to extend the suspension period” (the “CRE Ruling”).

(iii) Mexican Energy Control Center (“CENACE”). “Ruling that modifies the first article of the Ruling establishing the suspension of terms and deadlines in acts and procedures filed before the Administrative Entities of the National Center of Energy Control, from Thursday, March 26 through Sunday, April 19, 2020” (“CENACE Ruling”).

The Rulings declare that the suspension of legal terms and deadlines in acts and proceedings filed before the SENER, CRE y CENACE, will be extended until May 30, 2020.

The proceedings, notices, requests and promotions filed before SENER, CRE y CENACE during the above-mentioned period, will be considered as if they were filed on June 1, 2020.

Specifically, the CRE Ruling sets forth that during the referred period, days and hours may be enabled in order to attend those matters considered necessary by the CRE’s Governing Body or its Administrative Units.

Furthermore, the CRE Ruling declares that the administrative proceedings for acquisitions, leases and services that are extremely urgent or necessary for the continuity of operations for the fulfilment of the essential affairs of the CRE, are exempt from the suspension period declared in the Ruling.

The CENACE Ruling establishes that, the suspension of the legal terms and deadlines also apply to all procedures filed before the Interconnection and Connection Request Service System (SIASIC), interconnection and connection studies as well as the execution of the respective interconnection and connection contracts.

Also, the CENACE Ruling establishes that the reception of Guarantee Instruments referred to in the Fulfillment Guarantee Manual continues to be exempt from the suspension of the legal terms.

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