Third extension of the suspension in the activities of the Mexican Antitrust Commission and its procedures

The Board of the Commission in its session held on April 27, decided that the initial (March 23 to April 17) and the second (April 20 to April 30) suspension of terms will be extended. In this regard and effective as of May 6, all times and terms will be suspended until May 29, 2020, excepting those related to merger control procedures and the issuance of opinions or decisions in the granting of licenses, concessions, permits and similar procedures.

In addition to the foregoing, the procedures for which the terms will continue running normally are: (i) requests for formal opinions; (ii) general orientation; (iii) opinions related to article 12 sections XII, XIII, XIV, XV and XVIII of the Mexican Antitrust Act; (iv) public consultations; (v) the leniency program; (vi) the benefit of exemption or reduction of the amount of the fines; (vii) the next stage after the conclusion of the investigations for anticompetitive practices or illicit concentrations; and (viii) the times for the Board of the Commission to issue a decision in any procedure, under certain conditions.

All the writs submitted before the Commission during the initial, second and third suspension period that are not related to the procedures mentioned above will be considered submitted on June 1.

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