Suspension of terms and deadlines for Mexico City’s Public Administration

Today it was published in Mexico City’s Official Gazette the “Agreement by which the terms and deadlines inherent to administrative procedures are suspended and administrative facilities are granted for the fulfillment of fiscal obligations, to prevent the spread of the COVID–19 virus” (the “Agreement”).

The Agreement suspends the terms and deadlines for the administrative procedures that are carried out before Agencies, Decentralized Authorities, Town Halls (Alcaldías) and Entities of Mexico City’s Public Administration between March 23 and April 19, 2020.

Likewise, the Agreement specifies that any action, promotion or request that may be made before Mexico City’s Public Administration or in Town Halls, in any of the days considered as unworkable by the Agreement, will take effect until April 20, 2020.

Additionally, it is established that the aforementioned suspension is also applicable to filings and actions to be taken in the administrative proceedings of a tax nature, such as: initiation, processing, notifications, legal citations, summons, requirements, rulings, procedures, resolutions, administrative appeals or any other means of defense.

On the other hand, the time periods for complying with the tax obligations consisting of the filing of tax returns and making payments that are due during April 2020 are extended, so they can be made until April 30, 2020.

Finally, the Agreement provides that the following proceedings regarding urban development, construction and the real estate matters, as well as those necessary for granting instruments related to real estate before public notaries, are exempt from the suspension of terms and deadlines:

• Issuance of electronic certificates of existence or non-existence of liens;

• Certificates of no debt regarding property tax and water rights;

• Land use unique zoning certificates;

• Certificated to evidence the cadastral values;

• Registration of commercial appraisals in SIGAPRED;

• Review of instruments; and

• Issuance of certified copies and acts and records of notarial folios.

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