VWyS’s response to COVID-19

Guaranteeing the safety and health of our team, clients and business partners has always been our priority. Now more than ever we reconfirm that priority, and in light of the increase of cases of COVID-19 in North America and the current international uncertainty, we have adopted additional measures to ensure the continuity of your business, maintaining the level and quality of our services, while guaranteeing the health and protection of our clients, team and commercial partners. The following are some of the measures we have taken:

1. Guarantee of continuity and quality of our services

In situations of crisis and uncertainty it is essential to maintain business continuity. Therefore, we have adopted various measures to guarantee that our services are provided with the same quality and timeliness. In this regard, we have invested in technology that allow us to manage all the matters of our clients and commercial partners remotely.

In addition, we are prepared to adjust how we address the needs of our clients, including mechanisms of videoconferencing, WebEx and other technologies.

Our entire team is prepared to work remotely and to handle all our clients’ matters, notwithstanding the existing conditions of uncertainty.

2. Maintaining a safe and clean work environment

Notwithstanding that COVID-19 has not become widespread in Mexico, we have implemented safety and health measures that will help us preserve the health of our employees. In this regard we have restricted the trips of our team members to those that are indispensable and anyone who has traveled to a vulnerable zone remains in quarantine as a preventive measure.

We have restricted social contact in our facilities, and meetings of more than 4 people have been prohibited unless they are essential.

Our entire facility is equipped with disinfectant material and we have increased the cleaning of our offices.

Likewise, to ensure the continuity and quality of our services, we have implemented a remote work strategy for a relevant number of our employees.

3. Creativity and innovation

Situations of crisis and uncertainty require creativity and innovation. During these days we will remain closer than ever to our clients, ensuring that their matters and businesses are preserved while continuing to receive the support needed from Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C.

We thank our clients and friends who entrust their most complex and sophisticated matters to us. We reiterate our commitment to you, confident that with creativity and dedication we will overcome these uncertain times.

Best regards,

Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C.